Asbestos, Lead, Air, Mold

Human activity has negative effect (impact) on the surrounding environment. Millions of people spend most of their time inside closed spaces, in offices and homes. Such closed spaces, due to limited ventilation, lack of appropriate air and water filtration systems, lack of environmental maintenance, are affected by excessive accumulation of high- and low-dispersed dust particle, asbestos, lead (in paint, dust, water and soil), radon, mold and other microorganisms which may cause various health ailments (dysfunctions) such as, respiratory tract diseases (bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, cancers, etc.), eye problems, mesothelioma, stomach and lung cancers, allergic reactions with grave side effects, and other dangerous ailments which consequences are still unknown. All these health effects of the contaminated environment are especially dangerous for children and young adults.

Our company started to help in these situations to organize the appropriate, healthy workplace and living environment by making our offices and homes safe for habitat while maintaining healthy environment. So even if we are not able to set up and maintain a completely safe environment for people to work and live in, ALAMO (Asbestos, Lead, Air quality, and MOld) Environmental Consulting, Inc., is a citadel of environmental security for your buildings, houses, apartments, and businesses.

This new entity sprouted as an endeavor dedicated to a variety of environmental issues and projects, emphasizing quality, timeliness, competitive rates, and superior service and support to all our clients regardless of the project size and complexity of a problem. We like to know that our time and efforts result in better indoor air quality, removal of hazardous materials, mold, and indoor bioactive ingredients such as, dust, lead, airborne asbestos. Our Target – Environmental security for our clients in accordance with federal, state and local laws, and regulations.

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