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    Indoor Air Quality

    Detailed air content by express and laboratory methods of air analysis including CO, CO2, NO, NO2, combustible gases, humidity, moisture content of various surfaces, mold, temperature; SUMMA canister sampling for more than 100 ingredients including organic ingredients


    Air quality testing to determine the amount and type of mold in the air; Recommendations to get rid of mold; Final clearing tests after complete mold removal; Recommendation to locate and eliminate a source of moisture; Use of infrared technology to locate the source of water leakage inside walls, ceiling, piping, etc.


    Inspections and Investigation; Asbestos Survey of buildings, houses, apartments, homes, roofing surfaces, basements, facades; Insulations of thermo systems, pipes, elbows, boilers, air-conditioning systems, etc.; Preparation of ACP-5; Abatement project design, assistance in preparation of ACP-7; Asbestos Project and Air Monitoring; Clearance and Issuing of ACP-15; Preparation of Operations and Management Plans (O&M Plans)


    Inspections including dust wipe sampling, paint chips sampling, XRF Surveys, water and soil testing; Air monitoring for lead during abatement process, clearance testing; Risk Assessment; Preparation of Operations and Management Plans (O&M Plans)

    Environmental Assessment (Phase I)

    Preparation of Phase I for banks, building owners, and others as required.

    Environmental Consulting Services

    Comprehensive testing and analysis of indoor air quality as a way to overcome various health problems, headaches, nasal congestion, smells, and other problems while inside a specific location; Recommendations to improve client’s indoor air quality

    Energy Consumption Evaluation

    Analysis and screening of potential energy saving projects for commercial buildings and private homes; Evaluation of technical, financial and environmental aspects of the operation of existing building equipment; Suggestions on potential equipment replacement and scheduled maintenance for more efficient energy use and GHG emission reduction.

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